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Night Sky Photography


"Milky Way Cascade"
Milky Way Cascade

"Meteors, the Milky Way & The Mountain"
Meteors, The Milky Way and The Mountain

"Twilight Over Cradle Mountain"
Twilight Over Cradle Mountain

"Bridge To The Heavens"
Bridge To The Heavens

"Ghosts Under The Stars"
Ghosts Under The Stars


"The Heavens"
The Heavens

"Twilight Moods"
Twilight Moods

"Moon Rise"
Moon Rise

"Comet McNaught"
Comet McNaught

"Capturing The Interstellar Winds"
Capturing The Interstellar Winds

"Of Silver and Gold"
Of Silver and Gold

"River of Stars"
River of Stars

"Bridge To The Heavens II"
Bridge To The Heavens II

"Star Tracks"
Star Tracks